Viral Video of Blueface and Chrisean Rock's Incident Sparks Outrage

"It's the fact that she hit him with the bottle and he trusts her to even touch it..."

Credit: Chrisean Rock/Instagram

The popular Zeus show "Blueface and Chrisean: Crazy in Love" has once again found itself in the headlines, this time due to a viral video clip from the latest episode of the show.

The video in question features Blueface with an injured head, allegedly caused by his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, hitting him with a Hennessy bottle.

Speculations surrounding the incident were quickly put to rest by Chrisean, who took to Twitter to deny the allegations.

She wrote on Wednesday, January 11, "It was a glass cup stop trynna play me cuz if I hit him with a henny bottle dat boy wouldn't be alive….”.

The video shows Chrisean attempting to tend to Blueface's wound, with the rapper looking dejected and not saying much.

Chrisean is heard saying, "I'm getting the glass out," and "I'm 'bout to go and get a vacuum. But I didn't want to be that rough."

The incident has sparked a strong reaction from social media users, with many commenting on the couple's "toxic" relationship.

One fan wrote, "This is actually so sad. Neither one of them are ever in the right. Their both wrong and toxicity is not cute. He looks so drained and I'm sure she is too."

Another commented, "It's the fact that she hit him with the bottle and he trusts her to even touch it or whatever tf she trynna do. They both TOXIC cause if someone hit me in the head they ain't getting close to me tf."

There were also those who criticized Zeus for airing the incident on television, with one user writing, "This is not funny and should not be aired on tv. This society is sick!" and another demanding, "Shut zues down immediately! Enough is enough !!!"

While Chrisean has denied hitting Blueface with a Hennessy bottle, the incident raises important questions about domestic violence and the responsibility of television networks in promoting such behavior.

It is crucial for individuals in any kind of relationship to seek help and support if they feel unsafe or are experiencing any kind of abuse. It's also important for society to take a stand against domestic violence and promote healthy relationships.

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