Acclaimed Rapper Iggy Azalea Reveals Income from OnlyFans Account

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Instagram

Iggy Azalea has disclosed the amount of money she is earning from her OnlyFans account. The musician had announced her "biggest project" to date last month, titled "Hotter Than Hell", upon joining the creator-led internet content subscription service platform.

OnlyFans is home to content creators who can monetize their content without relying on third parties, making it a popular platform among the sex worker community. Azalea's project "Hotter Than Hell" is a year-long endeavor, which includes various forms of visual art such as photographs, collabs, videos, merchandise, and a coffee table book.

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During an interview on the HighLow with EmRata podcast, hosted by model Emily Ratajkowski, the Australian rapper revealed that she is making a substantial amount of money from subscription fees paid by users on the platform. When asked if she shares nudity on the platform, Azalea said that she does share images of herself naked, showing her bre*sts and bu*t, but not her vag*na.

When Ratajkowski asked her about the amount of money she is earning, Azalea replied that she is making so much money that she would not disclose the exact figure. Ratajkowski praised Azalea's business venture and expressed her own interest in joining the platform.

Azalea explained that using OnlyFans to share her content allows her to take ownership of her body without making any compromises. She also noted that the platform's lack of censorship makes it an ideal place to showcase her artistic work. By using the site, she can cut out the middle man and do something for herself that she does not have to compromise on.

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