Story — Man's Love for Walking Around Naked at Home Leads to Awkward Encounters with Girlfriend's Friend

"I have a confession to make," the man wrote on an online forum called Reddit, "I love to walk around naked when I'm alone at home."

The candid admission was met with a flurry of responses, but the man had a perfectly reasonable explanation. "My girlfriend works in the morning, so I have the house to myself," he explained. "And what do I like to do? Walk around naked."

But the man's seemingly harmless habit was soon to lead to some unexpected and awkward encounters. "My girlfriend's the only one with a key to the house," he continued. "But she likes to lend it to her friends without telling me."

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One morning, as the man was strutting his stuff in the buff, he heard the door open. "I assumed it was my girlfriend home early, but to my horror, it was one of her friends," he wrote. "I ran to the bedroom and threw some clothes on."

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the man and his girlfriend's friend shared a laugh about it. But the laughter was short-lived. "When she told my girlfriend and mentioned that I had a nice ass, my girlfriend was livid," he recalled. "She ordered me to quit walking around naked."

The man wasn't about to give up his favorite pastime, though. "I asked my girlfriend to tell me if she lent the key out so I could at least expect it and put some clothes on before they arrived," he wrote.

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But despite the agreement, history repeated itself. "Guess what happened? The same friend walked in on me naked again," he said. "My girlfriend was furious and called me an asshole, but if she had told me she lent the key out again, I wouldn't have been caught off guard."

As others on the forum weighed in on the situation, many questioned why the girlfriend would lend her key out in the first place. "The first time might have been an accident, but the second time is a pattern," one person pointed out.

Others speculated that the girlfriend was trying to catch the man doing something, a theory that the man himself couldn't dismiss. "It's possible that she doesn't trust me and is trying to catch me doing something," he mused. "But walking around naked is the least of her worries."

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