Story — Man Walks Around his House Naked, then his Girlfriend's Pal Sees him

His post received a lot of comments from other users. Many ask why his girlfriend has to lend the key out to her friends.

A man took to an online forum to share what he likes to do when alone at home, and that is to walk around naked.

Writing to Reddit, the man explained that his girlfriend works mornings, so he has the house to himself. "And what do I like to do? Walk around naked," he wrote.

He and his girlfriend are the only people who have the keys to the house. However, his girlfriend has a habit of lending her key out to her friends.

"I don't have a problem with that," he wrote. "My only problem is that she doesn't tell me when she does it."

One morning, while the man was walking around naked, he heard someone open the door. "I think it's my girlfriend home early, but instead I see one of her friends," the man wrote. "And I ran to the bedroom and threw some clothes on."

They laughed about it. However, his girlfriend got pissed when the friend told her and quipped that he had a nice ass. His girlfriend lashed out at him later and ordered him to quit walking around naked.

"And I told her to tell me if she lent the key out to anybody so at least I can expect it and put on some clothes before they come," he wrote. They agreed, and the man continued walking around the house naked because that's what he really likes to do.

"Guess what happened? The door opened one day and her friend - the same one - came in. Lol," he wrote. "So, yeah, my girlfriend is pissed and says that I'm the asshole, but if she would've told me she had lent the key out again, her friend wouldn't have seen me naked again."

His post received a lot of comments from other users. Many ask why his girlfriend has to lend the key out to her friends. One person wrote: "The first time might have been an accident but the second time is a pattern."

"This is so weird to me," another added. "I know people who give their friends a spare key for emergencies or because said friends occasionally pet-sit for them. But I don't know anyone who just randomly drops in to their friend's house even if they have a key."

Another user wrote: "Why is she giving out her key? Why is her friend randomly going over to your place? I'm having a hard time believing the second time was an accident. Your girlfriend knows your schedule, her friend probably knows you're home when she's at work. Normal people knock before letting themselves in."

Someone else commented that he's speculating his girlfriend does not trust him and that she is trying to catch him doing something.

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