Ashton Kutcher Apologizes to Harry Styles for Not Recognizing Him at Karaoke Party

"Oh my god, now I feel like a jerk. He’s a professional singer."

Credit: Ashton Kutcher & Harry Styles/Instagram

American actor, Ashton Kutcher, has once shared a hilarious story of his encounter with popular singer, Harry Styles, at a karaoke party.

In an interview with Esquire, Kutcher went on to recount his experience, which has now become his go-to karaoke story.

The story began with Kutcher mentioning that there was an extremely well-known singer who happened to be their neighbor and was hosting a karaoke party.

The singer got up to perform and, as Kutcher put it, "did a bananas [performance]". The actor was in awe of the singer's performance, and he felt that it was extremely unfair.

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However, things took a turn when another individual got up to perform an ABBA song. Kutcher was once again taken aback by the performance and was thoroughly impressed.

He and his wife, Mila Kunis, went up to the singer to express their admiration for his performance. They praised him for his singing skills, calling him a "karaoke ringer." The singer, who turned out to be Harry Styles, thanked them for their kind words.

But little did Kutcher know that Styles was, in fact, a professional singer. After the performance, they went to a friend to talk about the singer's performance and it was then that they found out it was Harry Styles.

The realization dawned upon Kutcher that he had just complimented a professional singer on his singing skills. He felt dumb and couldn't help but apologize to Styles for not recognizing him.

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In his own words, Kutcher said, "Oh my god, now I feel like a jerk. He’s a professional singer. And we’re trying to tell him he’s a good singer. And I like feel so dumb. So I just really want to say, I’m sorry Harry Styles, but you’re really good at karaoke, man. Seriously, like really good."

Kutcher's karaoke encounter with Styles is a hilarious story that showcases the actor's self-deprecating humor and his admiration for Styles' singing skills. 

Despite not recognizing Styles initially, Kutcher's apology is a testament to his humility and a reminder that even the biggest stars can make mistakes.

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