Doja Cat Condemns Disrespectful Comparisons to Britney Spears After New Haircut

Doja Cat says she was feeling overwhelmed and needed a change, and cutting her hair was the solution.

Credit: Doja Cat/Instagram

Doja Cat has come forward to decry the individuals who have made disrespectful comparisons between her and Britney Spears, following her recent haircut.

In an interview with Variety, published on February 1st, the rapper expressed her disdain for those who have sought to minimize the significance of Britney's 2007 buzzed haircut, which was a result of a period of intense personal distress.

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According to Doja Cat, it is highly offensive to make light of such a serious situation and she cannot comprehend why anyone would choose to do so.

In 2007, Britney famously shaved her head amidst a custody battle with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, over their two sons, and after a stay in rehab.

Nearly a year later, Britney was placed under a conservatorship, which lasted for 13 years until it was terminated in 2021.

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As reported by E! News in 2017, a source claimed that Britney's haircut was a means of freeing herself from her past.

This is a feeling that Doja Cat can relate to, as she buzzed her hair last August as a form of self-care.

She explains that she felt overwhelmed and needed to make a change, and cutting her hair was the solution.

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Doja Cat now feels that the haircut was the best choice she has ever made, and she has never felt more beautiful.

The rapper is now able to see and embrace different aspects of herself, including the shape of her head and ears.

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