Britney Spears Urges Fans Not to Contact Law Enforcement Even if she Deletes Instagram Account

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

On Tuesday, Britney Spears utilized the social media platform Instagram to deliver a message to her followers. In a video showcasing her latest outfits, Spears advised her fans to refrain from contacting law enforcement officials even if she were to delete her Instagram account.

During the clip, Spears spoke with an accent and discussed the process of making a dress, which she completed with the assistance of a friend. She then displayed the glimmering pink mini-dress that had been sent to her by a company, along with another white strapless dress with fringe details.

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Spears' plea not to contact the authorities was in reference to an earlier incident in which law enforcement officials were called to her residence for a wellness check after she deleted her Instagram account in January. She concluded the video with the statement, "Don't ever be a rollercoaster," before running across the screen while holding her dress and exclaiming, "Never be a rollercoaster!"

In the caption accompanying her post, Spears greeted her parents, declaring that she was now a star. She concluded the caption by encouraging her followers to remain humble.

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