Pink Believes She has Always Been a Protective Big Sister to Britney Spears

Credit: Pink/Britney Spears/Instagram

Renowned singer Pink recently sat down for an interview with PEOPLE to reflect on her early years of fame and how she navigated the challenges of being a pop star in the 2000s. Despite the era being infamously difficult for female artists, Pink believes she came out generally unscathed due to her pre-fame experiences.

Born and raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Pink had a rebellious teenage phase during which she got involved with drugs and was eventually kicked out of her house. However, she turned her life around at the age of 16 and went on to sign up for the music industry, feeling resilient, relentless, with a thick skin, sick sense of humor, and a bleeding heart.

Pink's tough disposition helped her navigate through the difficult times for female pop stars, such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who often faced misogyny and tabloid culture's unforgiving lens. Despite rumors that Pink's 2001 single "Don't Let Me Get Me" was about picking on Spears, Pink believes that she has always been a protective big sister to her. She is also proud of the fact that Spears is now speaking out about the trauma she faced as a young woman in the industry, and Pink wishes her well.

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Although Pink and Spears are not in touch currently, Pink has nothing but love for her fellow artist, and they formed a bond in 2004 when they shot a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial together. The experience left Pink in awe of Beyoncé, who also appeared in the commercial, as she glows like a goddess and is one of the most talented and professional artists she has ever met.

Pink has since released her ninth album, "Trustfall," and continues to inspire her fans with her strength and resilience. Despite the challenges of fame, Pink remains humble and grateful for the opportunities that have come her way. She continues to be a role model for young women everywhere, proving that one can overcome adversity and succeed in the industry with determination and a positive attitude.

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