Pink Throws Shade at Christina Aguilera while Discussing Their Collaboration on 'Lady Marmalade'

Oh snap, it looks like Pink is throwing some shade Christina Aguilera's way!

Credit: Pink/Instagram

During an interview with Buzzfeed U.K., Pink was ranking her old music videos and when she got to "Lady Marmalade," her collab with Christina, Mya, and Lil' Kim, she didn't hold back.

According to Pink, the shoot was "a lot of fuss" and there were some, ahem, "personalities" involved. But she made sure to clarify that Lil' Kim and Mya were "nice." Ouch, that's gotta sting for Christina!

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And it seems like this feud has been simmering for a while. Back in 2001, the music video shoot for "Lady Marmalade" reportedly got "hairy" thanks to tension between Pink and Christina.

Tina Landon, the lead choreographer, even said she "sank down in [her] chair" and prayed it wouldn't get worse. Yikes!

But the drama didn't start there. Pink claims that Christina's label executive tried to give her the best part of the song and she wasn't having it.

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She even stood up and introduced herself as Pink, saying that Christina wouldn't be taking that part. Now that's how you make a statement!

Looks like Pink isn't afraid to speak her mind, and we're all here for the tea. Keep it coming, girl!

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