Selena Gomez Dethrones Kylie Jenner as Instagram's Most Followed Woman

Credit: Selena Gomez/Instagram

Well, well, well, look who just stole the crown on Instagram! That's right, none other than our girl Selena Gomez. Move over, Kylie Jenner, there's a new queen in town, with a whopping 380,644,778 followers to her name as of 6:25 P.M. EST. Kylie, on the other hand, has 380,425,729 followers.

But hold up, folks, it's not all about the numbers. Sure, Selena's been killing it on the 'gram lately, but did you know that she doesn't even use the app herself? That's right, she kicked Instagram to the curb years ago, and now she has her assistant post all her content for her. Talk about living the life of luxury.

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And why did she decide to distance herself from the world of social media, you ask? Well, Selena told Vanity Fair that it was all just too much for her to handle. The constant barrage of opinions and negativity was taking a toll on her mental health, and she just couldn't deal with it anymore. I mean, who could blame her? People can be ruthless online, especially when it comes to celebrities.

But don't worry, Selenators, our girl is still keeping up with the times. She may have ditched Instagram, but she's all about that TikTok life. According to Selena, it's a "little less hostile" than other platforms, and we can totally see why. TikTok is all about spreading love and good vibes, and Selena fits right in with that crowd.

So, while she may not be running her own Instagram account, Selena is still slaying the game and living her best life. We stan a queen who knows how to prioritize her mental health and happiness, and we can't wait to see what she does next. Congratulations, Selena, you deserve it!

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