Cole Sprouse Opens Up About his First Sexual Experience In Recent Interview

Credit: Cole Sprouse/Instagram

Cole Sprouse recently made an appearance on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, where he shared personal information regarding his first sexual experience.

During the podcast, the actor recounted that he lost his virginity at the age of 14 while on a family vacation in Florida.

He further revealed that he met an older girl during the trip, and after making out with her on the first night, he mustered the courage to ask her if she was "DTF" (i.e., down to f--k) the following night.

Cole also recounted that his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, often made fun of him for delivering this particular one-liner during the moment.

After the girl agreed to his proposition, Cole texted his brother and a friend to vacate the hotel room, and he had his first sexual experience.

The actor shared that the experience only lasted for about 20 seconds and that he never spoke to the girl again.

He also admitted to regretting the incident because he had not made it special. However, it led him to become a "serial monogamist" and seek out long-term relationships.

When asked if he lost his virginity before his twin brother, Cole confirmed that he did and that his brother saw him as a "guinea pig" in this regard.

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