Family Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Help Niece Beat Rare Brain Cancer

Credit: GoFundMe

Peggy, Joshua, and Finley have recently established a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform to assist their 7-year-old niece Adelia in conquering cancer. The trio issued an appeal to their family, friends, and the wider community, requesting their aid in raising the necessary funds to support Adelia's fight against a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer known as high grade diffuse midline glioma.

Adelia is a courageous individual who radiates positive energy and has a magnetic personality that brightens any room. Her interests include soccer, girl scouts, dancing, and playing the violin. Despite her youth, Adelia possesses a profound sense of empathy and humor, and she is a voracious reader with a creative spirit that captivates those around her.

Adelia recently underwent emergency surgery to remove part of the tumor successfully, but her path to recovery remains challenging. She will commence radiation therapy next week and is anticipated to require clinical trials and alternative therapies to combat the aggressive disease.

These treatments will be costly, necessitating the community's assistance in ensuring Adelia receives the medical support she needs. Every contribution, regardless of size, can make a meaningful impact on Adelia's life and her family's well-being, who will also receive emotional and practical assistance during this trying time.

The donors' generosity will enable Adelia's family to focus on providing her with the love and care she requires as they navigate this journey together. While acknowledging the challenging times brought about by the COVID pandemic, Peggy, Joshua, and Finley urge the community to come together to support Adelia. The GoFundMe link is provided for those who wish to assist her.

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