GoFundMe Page Created to Help Woman Who Died After Suffering Aneurysm

Credit: GoFundMe

A fundraiser was initiated on GoFundMe by Babby Skowyra and three other individuals to provide financial assistance for the late Chloe Nuttbrock.

In a heartfelt message, Babby expressed her deep sense of loss, highlighting Chloe's commendable contributions to the Mukilteo community and greater Snohomish County.

Chloe was an ardent advocate of inclusivity, a community builder, a member of Kamiak's band, and a National Special Olympics Youth Ambassador.

She utilized her platform to raise awareness about intellectual disabilities and promote the concept of inclusivity. Her aspiration was to become a Special Education teacher, and she was looking forward to studying at Gonzaga University to pursue her dream.

Regrettably, Chloe passed away on the 16th of March after suffering an aneurysm. Her family is grieving their loss, and as such, and the other organizers have taken the initiative to request financial assistance to help with the family's medical and funeral expenses.

The family is not prepared for the financial burden that comes with the loss of a child, and the organizers implore individuals to contribute generously to support the family during this difficult time.

Plans are being made for a celebration of Chloe's life to commemorate her immense contribution to society. Those willing to donate can visit the GoFundMe page via this provided link.

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