K-Pop Group Ateez Discusses Long-Term Goals and Fan Appreciation

Credit: Ateez/Instagram

The K-pop group, Ateez, has recently given an interview in Seoul, during which they discussed their plans for their future performances.

Having just completed two significant world tours, Wooyoung has shared their long-term goals and the image they aspire to present to their fans.

Specifically, Ateez aims to strike a balance between meeting the expectations of their fanbase, known as ATINY, while maintaining their unique identity.

As a group, they aspire to promote their music for an extended period, much like the senior group Shinhwa, by delivering captivating performances and showcasing positive images.

Ateez has even made a commitment to their fans that they will continue to dance to their hit song "Hala Hala," even when they become grandfathers.

Moreover, Ateez acknowledged their global popularity and expressed gratitude towards their fans.

They remarked that as the scale of their concert venues continues to grow, they are thankful for the large number of people who come to see their performances, as it is no small feat to attend.

In light of this, they aspire to meet even more ATINYs in the future.

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