LeBron James Claims his Son Bronny Outshines Some Players

Credit: LeBron James/Instagram

It has been announced that LeBron James will be absent from play for a minimum of three weeks due to an injury in his right foot.

As a result of this, the superstar has been following the games from home as a spectator.

In a recent tweet, he expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the players he has observed during the games, stating that his son, Bronny, is superior to some of them.

"Man Bronny definitely better than some of these cats I've been watching on league pass today. Sh*t lightweight hilarious," LeBron tweeted.

Recently, Bronny's standing has increased considerably, with ESPN predicting that the high school senior could be selected as one of the top-ten picks in the NBA draft within two years.

This is a significant improvement from his previous status as a marginal NBA prospect only a few months ago.

However, it could be considered audacious to include one's child in such a statement.

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