Liza Soberano Expresses Support for Jane de Leon as Darna Actress

Credit: Liza Soberano/Jane de Leon/Instagram

In a recent interview with Bea Alonzo, actress Liza Soberano shared her thoughts on her potential portrayal of the iconic Filipino superheroine, Darna.

When asked if she believed she could have done a better job than current Darna actress Jane de Leon, Soberano expressed her uncertainty and lack of confidence in her athletic abilities.

Admitting to being unsure of her own abilities, Soberano replied, "Honestly, I don't know. I think Jane did a good job. I saw some of the episodes, especially in the beginning."

She went on to explain that she had watched some of the episodes of the show to see how it would turn out and showed her support for de Leon, saying, "Jane also became a good friend of mine, not super close, but I talked to her when it was passed on to her and I wanted her to know that I'm supportive of it, I don't feel any way about it."

In addition to her support for de Leon, Soberano also expressed her friendship and support for fellow actress Janella Salvador, stating that Salvador is one of her closest friends in the entertainment industry.

Soberano's admiration and respect for her peers are commendable and demonstrate her commitment to promoting a positive and supportive environment in the industry.

Overall, Soberano's comments reflect her humility and respect for her fellow actresses in the industry, highlighting her professionalism and commitment to promoting positive relationships among her colleagues.

Despite her own insecurities, Soberano's kind words and support for her peers show her dedication to promoting a healthy and supportive industry culture.

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