The Undertaker Reveals His Struggles with Retirement from Wrestling

Credit: The Undertaker/Instagram

The Undertaker, a highly revered professional wrestler known for his exceptional performances and significant contributions to the world of wrestling, has recently spoken about his experience after retirement.

Despite being recognized for his numerous achievements, The Undertaker has found it challenging to move on from his iconic character, which has been an integral part of his identity and purpose for over three decades.

During a recent interview on Audacy's The Bet 98.5 (Las Vegas), The Undertaker expressed his difficulty in letting go of his passion for performing and entertaining audiences.

Credit: The Undertaker/Instagram

He acknowledged the significant importance of his wrestling career and the difficulties that come with no longer being able to perform.

While he expressed gratitude for his successful career, The Undertaker stated that he recognizes that his time as a professional wrestler has come to an end, and it is time to explore other opportunities.

He emphasized that he will never wear his iconic attire again, but he remains focused on keeping himself busy with other endeavors.

The Undertaker's commitment to his craft and passion for entertaining fans have earned him a legendary status in the world of professional wrestling, making him an icon in the industry.

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