Video of Boys Reportedly Harassing Japanese Woman Goes Viral

Credit: Mojostory/YouTube

According to reports, officials announced on Friday that the Delhi Police has initiated an investigation into a video on social media that has gone viral, depicting a group of men purportedly harassing and groping a Japanese woman during Holi festivities. The police have taken note of the video and are presently analyzing it to obtain additional information.

The footage displays several individuals engaging in Holi celebrations with a foreign woman who appears to be "uncomfortable" with their behavior. The woman tweeted from her Twitter account that she has arrived in Bangladesh and is mentally and physically healthy.

Authorities have instructed the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paharganj, and the Station House Officer, Paharganj, to gather information regarding the Japanese national residing in the region and identify the boys seen in the video through beat/division officers and local intelligence.

Officials stated that, based on the landmark visible in the video, it appears to be related to Paharganj. However, they are verifying whether the incident occurred in that area or if the footage is outdated.

They added that PS Paharganj had not received any complaints or calls about any form of harassment against any foreigners. An email has been sent to the Japanese embassy seeking assistance in determining the girl's identity or any other information regarding the event.

Through field officers and local intelligence, police have identified the boys seen in the video after meticulous efforts. "Three boys including one juvenile have been apprehended and enquired. They have confessed/admitted about the incident/happening seen in the video. They all are residents of the nearby area of Pahar Ganj and went that way in the enjoyment of Holi," according to the official.

Police action has been initiated against them under the Delhi Police Act. However, they said that further legal action would be determined on the basis of the girl's complaint, if any.

Warning: The video is quite disturbing. However, if you still wish to watch it, here's the link.

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