Video of Michael Irvin's Interaction With Female Employee Goes Viral

Credit: Michael Irvin/Instagram

The legal team representing Michael Irvin has released surveillance footage of his interaction with a female hotel employee, which led to accusations of misconduct and subsequent removal from his position as Super LVII commentator by the NFL Network.

The video shows Irvin conversing with the woman for about two minutes, shaking hands and touching her elbow twice.

However, there is no audio accompanying the footage, which Marriott representatives claim tells a different story.

They allege that Irvin was visibly intoxicated, made the employee visibly uncomfortable, and asked her a sexually explicit question.

They also claim that he was aggressive with her, attempting to grab her hand and continuing to move towards her as she tried to back away.

Irvin denies any wrongdoing, stating that they only exchanged pleasantries before he left. Despite his successful 12-year career in Dallas, Irvin was often embroiled in off-the-field controversies.

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