Gerard Pique Faces Criticism for Leaving Sons in Heavy Rain - Watch Viral Video

Gerard Pique finds himself in a challenging situation following the recent circulation of a video depicting him dropping off his children, Sasha and Milan, at the residence of their mother, Shakira, during inclement weather.

Credit: Gerard Pique/Instagram

The video shows Pique, a former Barcelona footballer, remaining inside his vehicle while his sons wait in heavy rain at the entrance.

After one of his sons carries a large suitcase inside, Pique departs while the car's trunk is still elevated.

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Supporters of Shakira criticized Pique on Twitter for failing to assist his children with their baggage and bidding them a loving farewell, particularly since Milan appeared to be struggling with the heavy load.

One user used sarcasm to draw attention to Pique's apparent disregard for his children, implying that they were more excited to see their mother than to spend time with him.

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