Video of Runner Goes Viral on TikTok, Thanks to Eye-Catching Bulge

Credit: TikTok

An athlete recently shared his personal best time in the 100m race, and it quickly went viral, accumulating nearly five million views.

While the video showcases his athletic ability, it's not the only reason for its popularity.

Many viewers have taken notice of the athlete's physique, specifically his prominent bulge, which has caused quite a stir on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

Despite the attention he's received for his anatomy, the athlete has been praised for his impressive athletic performance as well.

Although it's hard to believe that the athlete was unaware of the attention his bulge would garner, it's clear that his video has sparked interest in the sport of track and field.

Many viewers have expressed their newfound appreciation for the sport, with one user even stating, "This is why I watch track!"

Overall, the athlete's video has become a viral sensation, and while it may have been initially shared to showcase his personal best time, it has certainly left a lasting impression on viewers for other reasons as well.

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