Chris Hemsworth Teases Fans with Sneak Peek of Upcoming Action Film

Credit: Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth has provided a sneak peek of his latest action movie, "Extraction 2".

The actor released a video clip with Netflix on Instagram, celebrating the production of his upcoming sequel.

In the video, shot on a speeding train in the snow, Hemsworth can be seen with director Sam Hargrave standing behind him, as he declares that the movie has two significant differences from the last one: it is incredibly cold, and he is alive.

The filmmaker also shared his thoughts on Instagram, stating that the first day of shooting was complete, and the snowfall on set looked exceptional on camera.

The original "Extraction" film ended on a cliffhanger, with Hemsworth's character Tyler, a black ops mercenary, left for dead, although there was a hint that he might still be alive.

The sequel's storyline will center on Tyler's mission to rescue a family that a ruthless Georgian gangster has imprisoned, leading to a dangerous showdown between the two.

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