YG Entertainment Announces Upcoming Release of 'BLACKPINK The Game'

Credit: BLACKPINK/Instagram

On April 4, YG Entertainment made an official announcement regarding the upcoming release of a mobile game centered around the intellectual property (IP) of BLACKPINK.

The game, titled 'BLACKPINK The Game,' is set to be released in the second quarter of this year in partnership with TakeOne Company, a renowned content producer that previously launched the popular mobile game 'BTS World' in 2019 based on the popular group BTS.

The upcoming game will allow users to take on the role of a producer for BLACKPINK and aid in the growth and development of the group members.

The game will feature various contents such as member training, office building management simulation, and character decoration, among others.

BLACKPINK fans are eagerly anticipating the game's release and are excited to take on the role of producers, helping their favorite group members reach new heights of success.

The addition of the game's original soundtrack (OST) and music video, which will be sung by BLACKPINK, is sure to add to the fans' excitement and anticipation.

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