Italian OnlyFans Model Michelle Comi Films Video with Minor Subscriber

Credit: Michelle Comi/Instagram

Italian OnlyFans model Michelle Comi is under fire after filming a video with a subscriber who turned out to be underage.

The incident has caused a stir on social media, with many people questioning the model’s decision-making and calling for action to be taken.

The Accidental Video with a Minor

According to sources, Comi gave her followers the opportunity to appear in a video with her for content.

Credit: Michelle Comi/Instagram

After several selections, she ended up picking a fan and met with him to record the video. However, it wasn't until after filming that she discovered the fan was actually a minor.

Taking Responsibility

Comi took full responsibility for the incident, claiming that it was her fault for not having her fan sign the necessary paperwork sooner.

She also apologized to her fans, acknowledging the mistake and promising to do better in the future.

Legal Consequences

It's not yet clear if Comi will be facing any legal consequences for her actions, or if the authorities are investigating the incident.

Nonetheless, this should serve as a good reminder for content creators to have fans sign contracts before making videos together.

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