Mom of 5 Brooke Withington Shares Story of Sperm Donor from Facebook

Credit: Brooke Withington/Instagram

Brooke Withington, a 28-year-old woman from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, has opened up about becoming a mother of five children, with the youngest being just four months old.

She revealed that her daughter Nora, aged one, was brought into the world with the help of a sperm donor she found on Facebook, according to New York Post.

In an effort to help other single mothers who choose to expand their family, she shared her story to encourage them to feel less alone in their journey.

Seeking Out a Sperm Donor on Facebook

Brooke considered the possibility of going to a sperm bank, but did not like the sterile nature of the environment, and preferred to meet the man in person.

Credit: Brooke Withington/Instagram

She found a Facebook group called Sperm Donation Australia, which allowed her to learn about the donor, meet with him, and know what his personality is like. She made a post about her situation and was contacted by several potential donors.

After deciding who she wanted to pick, the pair met in person, where Brooke was able to ask him plenty of questions, and obtain vital information about his family history and health checks to ensure her and her child's safety and health.

The Insemination Process

Brooke used artificial insemination, a method she felt more comfortable with, as it did not require sexual intercourse with the donor.

After Brooke used a syringe device to inseminate herself, she stayed lying down for 15 minutes to increase her chances of conception.

Brooke was ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter in May 2021.

Credit: Brooke Withington/Instagram

Working Through Negative Backlash

Brooke admits to receiving negative comments on social media for choosing to be a single mother, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

She works at a great job and feels she is contributing to the community, making her own money, and showing her children the importance of working.

She advises other women to do their research and to make sure they are comfortable with their decision before pursuing this path.

Expert Warnings

Fertility specialists have warned that seeking a sperm donor online may not be the best option for every woman, and that this could pose several risks.

Associate Professor Dr. Alex Polyakov from Melbourne University has stressed that proper counseling is needed, along with medical checks and legal safeguards.

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