Troye Sivan Asks in New TikTok Video What He Did to Upset Kelly Clarkson

Credit: Troye Sivan/Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

Pop singer Troye Sivan recently posted a TikTok video asking why Kelly Clarkson might be upset with him after she performed her latest single “Mine” on her daytime show.

During the performance, some viewers believed she was singing Sivan’s name in a confrontational lyric. Although it was a misunderstanding, Sivan took advantage of the situation and found a way to turn it into his advantage.

The TikTok Video that Sparked the Confusion

Sivan’s TikTok video shows him reacting to a recent performance by Kelly Clarkson on her daytime show.
During the song “Mine,” Clarkson sings “choice of art” during the bridge, which some viewers believed sounded like “Troye Sivan, who the hell do you think you are?”

This prompted Sivan to ask his followers if he had upset Clarkson.

Sivan’s Humorous Reaction to the Situation

In a follow-up video, Sivan turned the situation into his advantage. He realized that if he cut off the confrontational lyric, the preceding lyric “Your choice of art” could be interpreted as “You’re Troye Sivan,” which he found humorous.

He even joked that he could make it his theme song and have it played whenever he walked out somewhere.

@troyesivan 😍😍😍 @kellyclarkson ♬ original sound - Troye Sivan

No Feud Between the Two Singers

Despite the initial confusion, there is no feud between Kelly Clarkson and Troye Sivan. Sivan's videos were meant to be humorous and not taken seriously.

In fact, if Clarkson were to cover one of Sivan's songs, it would likely be a compliment rather than a cause for a feud.

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