Socialite Kylie Jenner Reveals the Truth about Her Plastic Surgery

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner, the well-known makeup mogul, has finally addressed the speculations surrounding her alleged plastic surgery procedures.

While Kylie had confirmed getting lip fillers at the age of 16 in 2015, she has now clarified that the rumors about extensive plastic surgery are unfounded.

Speaking to HommeGirls, Kylie stated that people have a misconception about her, and she has always been confident about herself.

Kylie Jenner Opens Up about Her Lip Filler Procedure

In the interview, Kylie acknowledged that she has always loved full lips, and getting lip fillers was the best decision she made.

She explained that she had only one insecurity regarding her lips and that getting them done helped her feel more confident.

While the media speculations about her plastic surgery were running rampant, Kylie had initially denied getting any such procedures done.

However, she has now revealed that she wishes she had been honest and upfront about it from the beginning.

Kylie Jenner's Journey to Self-Confidence

Kylie has been known for her transformation over the years, but she emphasizes that it was not due to any insecurity.

Rather, she was always the most confident person in the room and enjoyed performing for everyone.

Kylie hopes that her experience can help inspire people to embrace their insecurities and take steps to feel more confident about themselves.

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