Private Video of Collingwood Magpies star Jack Crisp Leaks Online

Credit: Jack Crisp/Instagram

The Collingwood Football Club, in a statement released on Wednesday evening, acknowledged the existence of a video on social media involving one of their players, Jack Crisp, and confirmed that they are investigating the matter.

The club has contacted the AFL and is presently working to address the situation, after which it will provide an update.

The video, which has gone viral on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit, depicts a person scrolling through various Snapchat screenshots, many of which appear to feature Crisp's bearded face.

Credit: Jack Crisp/Instagram

Explicit Screenshots

Some of the images are believed to reference illicit substances. The final two screenshots are explicit and depict a man standing, although his face is not visible.

It is unknown how old the content is, and it is unclear if the individual in the explicit images is indeed Crisp.

Crisp, who has played an exceptional 191 consecutive games dating back to round 18, 2014, when he played for the Brisbane Lions, is among the most consistent players in the AFL.

Credit: Jack Crisp/Instagram

Impressive AFL Streak

His streak of consecutive games is considerably greater than that of any other current player, with Melbourne star Christian Petracca being the closest at 110.

Collingwood's undefeated team will take on the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba on Thursday evening, but the video involving Crisp has taken the spotlight, generating significant attention on social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit.

The circulation of private photos and videos involving public figures on social media is a concerning trend and raises questions about online privacy and security.

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