TREASURE's Haruto's Controversial Remark on Gay Relationships Goes Viral

Credit: harutoswaggy/Instagram

TREASURE, a well-known K-pop ensemble with a global fan base, has recently encountered a considerable degree of public backlash, in light of an old video featuring one of its members, Haruto.

In the video, Haruto makes a controversial remark about gay relationships, which has resurfaced on social media, prompting widespread outrage.

The video in question dates back to 2022, and features the group discussing various topics, including movies, music, and hobbies.

During the conversation, Haruto expressed an interest in romantic comedies when asked by another group member, Jihoon, what type of movie he would like to do.

However, when someone in the background whispered “BL” (short for Boys Love), Haruto remarked that romantic comedies featuring male characters in such a context were "weird".

Following the broadcast, a Twitter user posted a clip of Haruto's statement on April 5th, 2023, which has since gone viral. Haruto's remark has elicited widespread criticism, particularly from LGBTQ+ supporters and allies.

Although some fans have sought to contextualize the comment, others have called for an official statement or apology from Haruto and YG Entertainment.

At present, neither Haruto nor YG Entertainment has issued any formal statement concerning the matter. However, some fans hope that they will soon address the controversy and clarify any misunderstandings, while others urge them to assume responsibility and educate themselves on LGBTQ+ issues.

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