Tristan Thompson Joins Lakers, Raises Khloe Kardashian Concerns

Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram

Recently, fans expressed concern after witnessing Khloe Kardashian partying with Tristan Thompson.

However, they both reportedly did it for the benefit of their daughter, True, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Nevertheless, Tristan's recent commitment to spending more time in Los Angeles has garnered attention.

Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram

This is because he has officially signed on to join the Los Angeles-based basketball team, the Lakers, which has been made public on social media.

Tristan's experience is expected to strengthen the Lakers' lineup, and he may play a crucial role in the team's success.

While Lakers fans are celebrating this news, many people are more focused on Tristan's personal life, given his history of cheating on Khloe.

Despite this, they have continued amicable co-parenting.
Unfortunately, recent events suggest that Tristan and Khloe may be growing closer, despite his past actions.

The new career move could make it easier for Tristan to reconcile with Khloe, raising concerns about their relationship's future.

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