Video of Damian Priest Smashing Bad Bunny Through a Table Goes Viral

Credit: WWE/Twitter

The video of professional wrestler Damian Priest smashing popular musician Bad Bunny through a table has become viral on various social media platforms.

This incident occurred during a Monday Night Raw event in Los Angeles, where Bad Bunny had given an interview stating that he was only there as a fan.

However, his involvement in a match between Dominik Mysterio and his father, Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania 39 had angered Dominik.

Bad Bunny was confronted by Dominik Mysterio and threw a punch, which was blocked by Bad Bunny, who then laid him out.

Damian Priest subsequently threw Bad Bunny over the barricade, where he was laid out again after trying to confront Dominik.

The shocking moment came when Priest put Bad Bunny through an announce table.

While some people found the incident entertaining to watch, others were shocked by the brutality of the scene.

The incident has further fueled speculation that Bad Bunny could be working a match at the upcoming Backlash event in Puerto Rico on May 6, 2023.

Despite being a natural in the ring, Bad Bunny's fans may hope that he avoids similar confrontations in the future.

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