Yung Gravy Suffers Fractured Elbow and Wrist During Performance at Hangout Music Festival

Credit: Yung Gravy/Instagram

Renowned rapper Yung Gravy recently sustained injuries to his left elbow and right wrist during a performance at the Hangout Music Festival. The incident occurred when the artist, widely recognized for his popular track "Betty (Get Money)," accidentally fell to the ground while distributing red roses to his fans.

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 6 inches, Yung Gravy inadvertently overlooked a slightly elevated plywood surface along his path, resulting in a face-first fall.

Credit: Yung Gravy/Instagram

On Tuesday, May 23, sources familiar with the 27-year-old artist's condition post-accident disclosed details to TMZ. According to these sources, Yung Gravy had fractured both his left elbow and right wrist.

Initially, he did not immediately seek medical attention, mistakenly believing that over-the-counter pain medication would suffice. Unfortunately, upon consulting physicians on Monday, May 22, the fractures were discovered, necessitating proper medical care.

Video footage published by TMZ captured the moment when Yung Gravy stumbled and fell to the ground while graciously offering red roses to his fans at the Hangout Music Festival, held in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Despite the unfortunate incident, the artist's dedication to his audience was evident as he made his way along a walkway to express his appreciation. Regrettably, the obscured plywood surface resulted in an unforeseen accident, causing Yung Gravy to suffer a broken elbow and wrist.

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