Prince Harry Denounces Claims of Hotel Room Rentals for Alone Time Without Meghan Markle

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

In response to recent claims circulating in the media, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, firmly refutes the notion that he rents a hotel room to seek solace away from his beloved wife, Meghan Markle.

A representative for Prince Harry, 38, issued a statement to Page Six on Sunday, May 21, categorically denying the validity of such assertions.

Credit: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Instagram

This statement follows a report by The Sun, suggesting that Prince Harry regularly books a private room at the luxurious San Vicente Bungalows, deliberately opting to visit without the presence of Meghan Markle, 41.

The publication further stated that the hotel's location is conveniently situated near the couple's residence in Montecito, California.

San Vicente Bungalows is renowned for its commitment to preserving the privacy of its esteemed guests, implementing stringent regulations that strictly prohibit the use of cameras within its premises.

Additionally, the hotel enforces rules that restrict guests from disclosing their experiences or engaging with other individuals within the premises.

Prince Harry, who, together with the Duchess of Sussex, is blessed with the delightful presence of their son, Archie, aged 4, and daughter, Lilibet, aged 23 months, garnered attention earlier this month when they confirmed the distressing experience of being pursued by an "aggressive" cohort of photographers while departing from an event in New York City.

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