Kim Petras Reveals Madonna's Empowering Message Ahead of Historic Grammy Performance

Credit: Kim Petras/Instagram

Kim Petras recently disclosed the uplifting sentiments shared by none other than the iconic Madonna, just moments before her groundbreaking performance at the Grammy Awards held in February.

During the prestigious event, Madonna took the stage to introduce Petras and Sam Smith, who mesmerized the audience with their tantalizingly rebellious anthem, "Unholy."

The 30-year-old Petras, whose eagerly awaited debut album titled "Feed the Beast" is set to release this Friday, candidly admitted, "I was so nervous. I was freaking out," the star told PEOPLE. However, the tides turned when Madonna concluded her speech and turned towards Petras, silently mouthing the words, "Go get it, b*tch." Those words of encouragement instilled an unwavering belief within Petras, affirming her resolve to conquer the momentous occasion.

Petras, poised to embark on her highly anticipated Feed the Beast Global Tour later this year, has long drawn inspiration from Madonna's indomitable spirit.

Their initial encounter transpired at an exclusive Saturday Night Live afterparty in January, immediately following Petras and Smith's scintillating performance of "Unholy" on the show. The meeting between Petras and the pop music icon marked an extraordinary milestone in Petras' career, solidifying the connection between two influential artists of different generations.

As Petras prepares for the release of her album, "Feed the Beast," her journey has been accentuated by the invaluable support bestowed upon her by Madonna, an artist revered for her groundbreaking contributions to the music industry.

The resounding impact of Madonna's empowering message continues to resonate with Petras, fostering a profound sense of confidence as she readies herself for the exhilarating experiences awaiting her on the global stage.

With Petras' exceptional talent and Madonna's guidance serving as guiding lights, fans around the world eagerly await the arrival of "Feed the Beast," an album that promises to be a testament to Petras' growth and artistic prowess.

As the music industry witnesses the union of these two powerful forces, it becomes evident that queens supporting queens is not only an expression of solidarity but a celebration of shared brilliance and unwavering determination.

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