Lily-Rose Depp's Controversial Role on 'The Idol' Sparks Concern and Prompts Industry Reflection

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Lily-Rose Depp's recent role on the HBO series "The Idol" has ignited discussions about her portrayal and the need to ensure her well-being. The 24-year-old actress, renowned for her famous parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, plays a troubled singer in the show, which delves into dark themes and features The Weeknd as a charismatic cult leader named Tedros. Collaborating with "Euphoria" creator Sam Levinson, The Weeknd also serves as the show's co-creator.

A trusted source from the entertainment industry shared concerns with Page Six regarding the potential impact of Lily-Rose's participation in explicit scenes on "The Idol." The insider emphasized the importance of safeguarding her while addressing the show's content. They said, "Lily has to be protected, that is the most important thing. Aside from the fact whether 'The Idol' is good or merely torture porn."

Echoing similar sentiments, another insider in Hollywood expressed apprehension about the young actress's vulnerability, stating, "She's still so young and impressionable… she says she feels empowered, but she has two men in charge (The Weeknd and Sam) telling her what to do."

The second episode of "The Idol" premiered on Sunday, June 11, leaving an impression on those who viewed it during its earlier screening at the Cannes Film Festival. A guest who attended the festival shared their discomfort with Page Six, mentioning an unsettling scene where The Weeknd's character coerces Jocelyn, Lily-Rose's character, into engaging in explicit activities. The viewer described it as having a strong pornographic vibe, leaving many audience members shocked.

Critics have also commented on Lily-Rose's revealing scenes in "The Idol," questioning the frequency of nudity throughout the series. The Hollywood Reporter noted that nearly every scene features glimpses of her bare breasts or buttocks.

In response to accusations that the show embraces "torture porn and a rape fantasy," Lily-Rose defended the explicit content and praised creator Sam Levinson's artistic vision in an interview with Rolling Stone. At the Cannes Film Festival, she emphasized the multidimensionality of her character, Jocelyn, stating, "Jocelyn is a born and bred performer - and I think that extends to every aspect of her life, not just her professional life… I also think that the occasional bareness of the character physically mirrors the bareness that we get to see emotionally in her. I was given the privilege of being really involved in the creation of this character and the ins and outs of how she expresses herself."

As discussions surrounding Lily-Rose's performance continue, the priority remains ensuring her well-being while engaging in challenging roles, and the audience eagerly awaits her future projects.

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