BTS Fans Gather in Seoul to Celebrate the Iconic K-Pop Group's 10-Year Anniversary

Credit: BTS/Instagram

Devoted fans of the internationally acclaimed K-Pop sensation, BTS, congregated in Seoul to commemorate the remarkable 10-year anniversary of the group, despite their current hiatus due to mandatory military service obligations for two of its members.

Renowned for their groundbreaking achievements in the global music landscape, including chart-topping success in the United States and numerous industry accolades, the seven-member ensemble has garnered an immense and loyal fanbase known as "ARMY."

To honor this momentous occasion, significant landmarks in Seoul, such as Seoul City Hall and Namsan Tower, were elegantly illuminated with BTS' distinctive hue of purple, eliciting delight from numerous fans who had traveled from various corners of the world, including France and Mexico, to partake in this memorable spectacle.

Rita, a 20-year-old French student and an ardent member of the ARMY since 2018, expressed her astonishment and excitement at witnessing the vibrant purple glow adorning Namsan Tower during her visit to Korea.

In a display of solidarity and support, organizations and businesses have also joined in the jubilation. The city of Seoul has collaborated with BTS' esteemed management agency, HYBE (352820.KS), to curate a tour that encompasses significant landmarks associated with the group. Furthermore, South Korea's postal service has released exclusive commemorative stamps to honor BTS' momentous debut anniversary.

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