Niall Horan Draws Inspiration from His Relationship with Amelia Woolley for New Album 'The Show'

Credit: Niall Horan/Instagram

Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan, formerly a member of the internationally renowned band One Direction, has unveiled his highly-anticipated third studio album, "The Show," delighting fans with heartfelt tracks inspired by his romantic relationship with Amelia Woolley.

In a recent interview with ET Canada, Horan shared his excitement about infusing his music with a more positive and optimistic tone, deviating from the convention of love songs often associated with heartbreak.

"Yeah, 100%. I'm in a relationship, so I think that comes with [it]," the singer said.

Horan added, "Usually it's the love songs are heartbreak songs, so it’s nice to be able to write better, you know, more happier stuff. I think she's just like, what? Really? She's like, taken aback, I suppose."

Furthermore, he humorously emphasized the importance of finding a partner with a compatible sense of humor, particularly one that matches his own penchant for sarcasm.

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