Renowned Music Star Rihanna Steps Down as CEO of Lingerie Brand Savage X Fenty

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Rihanna, the renowned music star and businesswoman, has made the decision to step down from her role as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Savage X Fenty, the celebrated lingerie brand that she co-founded back in 2018. The helm of the company will soon be assumed by Hillary Super, the former CEO of Anthropologie Group, as reported by Vogue Business. This transition is scheduled to take effect on June 26, marking a significant change in the leadership of the brand.

Expressing her thoughts on this pivotal development, Rihanna conveyed in a statement to Vogue Business, "It's been beautiful to see our vision for Savage X Fenty impact the industry at such an incredible magnitude over the last five years. This is just the beginning for us, and we're going to continue to expand in ways that always connect with the consumer. I'm so grateful and excited to welcome Hillary Super as our new CEO — she is a strong leader and is focused on taking the business to an even higher level."

With an extensive background in the fashion industry, Hillary Super brings a wealth of experience to her new role as the CEO of Savage X Fenty. Prior to joining the apparel company, she served as the chief executive of Anthropologie Group for a commendable four-year tenure. Additionally, Super held prominent leadership positions at renowned retailers such as American Eagle, Guess, Gap, and Old Navy. Her dedication to challenging fashion stereotypes and her visionary approach to revitalizing the retail landscape earned her recognition in the esteemed "Forty Women to Watch Over 40" list in the United States in 2017.

Although Rihanna will no longer occupy the CEO position, she will continue to contribute to the company's leadership in her new role as the executive chair, according to Vogue Business. This transition allows Rihanna to maintain her involvement in guiding the strategic direction of the brand, albeit in a different capacity.

Super's appointment as CEO of Savage X Fenty arrives at a crucial juncture for the company, as it seeks to extend its reach beyond the realms of e-commerce. In recent years, Savage X Fenty has made significant strides by establishing seven physical stores across the nation. With Super at the helm, the company intends to further strengthen its brick-and-mortar presence and embark on wholesale ventures, thereby expanding its footprint in the lingerie and apparel industry.

Expressing her enthusiasm about joining the Savage X Fenty family, the newly appointed CEO, Hillary Super, remarked in an interview with Vogue Business, "I'm thrilled to join the Savage X Fenty family. The brand is a major powerhouse in the lingerie and apparel industry, and its unwavering commitment to celebrating inclusivity and fearlessness is inspiring."

As the brand looks ahead to this new chapter under the guidance of Hillary Super, it remains evident that Savage X Fenty is poised for continued growth and success. With a visionary leader at the helm and a steadfast commitment to celebrating diversity and empowerment, the brand's future seems promising as it embarks on its journey to redefine and reshape the world of lingerie and fashion.

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