Top 5 Best Music Videos of Rihanna

The video was shot in Jamaica and illustrates important issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence faced by women.

Credit: Courtesy of Rihanna/Instagram

The music world has been dominated by Rihanna ever since she made her debut at the age of 16 with a music video called "Pon De Replay."

One thing has remained constant through all her changes in appearance and music – her ability to create a hit song and an iconic music video.

We all love Rihanna and we would like to tell you what we consider her top five best music videos. Check out below!

Credit: Courtesy of Rihanna/Instagram

5. Love the Way You Lie (2010)

Rihanna's shady history with Chris Brown is controversial enough, so she appears in another hot clip with Eminem.

The dramatic video sheds light on the problematic nature of tumultuous relationships.

Given what is seen in the music video and Rihanna’s past with Chris Brown, it’s apparent why this video is quite upsetting and disturbing.

Regardless, the clip makes a lasting impression that will live on for a long time.

4. Pon De Replay (2005)

“Pon De Replay” is Rihanna’s first music video, in which we witness her Barbadian dance moves and relaxed vibes.

The video shows Rihanna demonstrating her dancing skills on a podium and generally having fun.

As soon as she debuted, it became clear this young lady was destined to become a star.

3. Man Down (2011)

Two years after Chris Brown abused Rihanna during their relationship, Rihanna tackled domestic violence in her music video for "Man Down."

In the clip, Rihanna gets back at her attacker by shooting him in broad daylight after a personal assault.

The video was shot in Jamaica and illustrates important issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence faced by women.

While the video clip caused a stir at the time, it has become a classic.

2. Umbrella (2008)

This Rihanna dance music video is probably one of the most talked-about in history – not because of its controversy, but because it's just plain awesome.

The video marked Rihanna's debut in a pixie cut and a sexy outfit.

We enjoyed watching the pop superstar dance with an umbrella most of the time and found the simplicity inducing and intriguing.

Its popularity is confirmed by the fact that it won the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year in 2007.

1. We Found Love (2011)

With this beautiful video, Rihanna and her co-star show us how a toxic relationship can be totally destructive when the love and connection are long gone.

Rihanna is seen abusing drugs, chasing thrills, and forming a violent relationship in the shocking clip, which almost alludes to her affair with Chris Brown.

People were left shocked when they saw this video, but in 2012, it received a Grammy Award for Best Short-Form Music Video.

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