Lady Gaga Wins Temporary Legal Victory in Reward-Related Lawsuit Over Stolen Dogs

Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Singer-actress Lady Gaga won a temporary legal victory in the lawsuit filed by dog-theft accomplice Jennifer McBride concerning a reward-related complaint.

The judge determined that the contract between the two parties, regarding the $500,000 reward offered by Gaga for finding her stolen dogs, Koji and Gustavto, was not enforceable due to McBride's involvement in the theft, as reported by PEOPLE.

A California court issued an order on Monday, stating that McBride's complaint was "legally insufficient" and that she was not entitled to benefit from her wrongdoing.

McBride has been indicted and pleaded no contest to charges of receiving stolen property, thus her attorney's arguments about Gaga's breach of contract were rendered unacceptable.

Moreover, McBride's indictment warns of possible imprisonment in a county jail and liability to pay up to three times the amount of damages and attorney’s fees if Gaga initiates a civil lawsuit.

Additionally, McBride has 20 days to amend her initial filings according to the court document.

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