Lizzo's Latest Hairdo Steals the Show: Neon-Green Wig with Intricate Twist Design Goes Viral Among Fans

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo’s hair has frequently changed during her current Special tour. Each hairdo outshines the previous one in colorfulness and creativity, including teal money pieces, bubblegum pink, and fiery red curls.

Her latest hair style, however, is truly remarkable. Lizzo shared three astonishing pictures on July 10, showcasing an incredible wig.

The super-long hair, styled by Lizzo's go-to hairstylist Shelby Swain, is twisted into an intricately detailed half-up do, with fountain-like pieces and tendrils that frame the face. The most striking element is the neon-green color.

The vibrant minty-lime shade glows not just in daylight. In a separate video, Lizzo pretends to lip-sync a scene from The Grinch, and switched off the light to prove that this enthralling look glows in the dark — it becomes even brighter, with a more yellow-y shade that is reminiscent of a glow stick.

Fans can't help but wonder at the look. Meanwhile, Lizzo reveals that the look is debuting in the Netherlands. However, fans in other areas are hopeful of a chance to experience this magical look firsthand.

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