Meghan Markle Considered as Special Guest for Italy's Renowned Sanremo Festival

Credit: Sussex Royal/Instagram

According to reports, Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, has been approached by the director of Italy's prestigious Sanremo Festival to make a special guest appearance during the week-long event. Local newspapers have revealed that the Duchess of Sussex, who recently faced a setback with her partnership with Spotify, is being courted to grace the stage of Italy's renowned music festival as a cameo guest.

If Meghan Markle accepts the invitation, she would join the esteemed list of super-guests who are expected to participate in the Sanremo Music Festival next year. Throughout its history, the festival has played host to numerous international superstars, including iconic figures such as Whitney Houston, Kiss, Queen, and Madonna.

According to Italian newspapers, festival director Amadeus had initially reached out to Meghan last year but was unsuccessful in securing her participation. However, insiders now suggest that Amadeus, who has also served as the festival's host since 2019, has launched a fresh campaign to win over the Duchess.

An Italian website, Dagospia, reports, "Last year Amadeus is believed to have flown to London to get in touch with an actress close to the British Royal Family. Nothing happened, likely because of the hefty allowance. But rumour has it the presenter is trying again."

If Meghan Markle does indeed make a cameo appearance at the Sanremo Festival, it would represent a notable deviation from the projects she has pursued since stepping away from her senior working royal role in 2020. The Duchess has long harbored a deep affection for Italy, as evidenced by her now-defunct blog, The Tig, which derived its name from her favorite Tuscan wine, Tignanello. Notably, she dedicated several posts on the platform to her love for food, particularly pasta.

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