Rapper Plies Ridicules Pop Princess Britney Spears' Sagging Panties in Provocative Dance Clips

Credit: Plies/Instagram

Plies recently expressed some observations regarding Britney Spears' choice of attire in her social media posts. On July 27th, the rapper shared a screenshot from one of Britney's recent videos on his Instagram page.

In the video, Britney was seen wearing a yellow crop top along with tiny panties that were positioned below her waist while she danced provocatively.

Plies circled the aspect of Britney's sagging panties in the snapshot to convey his point and wrote in the caption, "Her Drawls Be Everything To Me!! Look How She Wear'em They Be Sagging Like She Ain't Finish Put'em On!!! I Luv Dis S**t!!!"

Earlier, on a different occasion, Plies made a similar comment about Britney's provocative dance video. He first shared the video on Twitter, featuring Britney dancing in a white crop top and pink panties while touching her breasts sensually.

He wrote in the caption, which he later reposted on his Instagram page, "Who Make Them Little Drawers Britney Spears Be Having On????" Additionally, he humorously asked, "Where A Bih At??"

It's evident that Plies has taken an interest in Britney's choice of clothing and felt compelled to share his lighthearted opinions on her social media style.

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