SZA Opens Up About Past Heartbreak and Personal Growth During London Performance

Credit: SZA/Instagram

SZA reminisced about past experiences during her recent performance in London. Taking the stage at the prestigious O2 Arena, the acclaimed songstress candidly shared a personal anecdote about being betrayed by a former romantic partner in the same city.

Opening up to the captivated audience, the 33-year-old artist revealed, "I never told anybody, but like, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before. It was terrible. That's why I was really sad to come here, but you guys made it so much better. Thank you! This song is about my other trash ex-boyfriend."

Following her heartfelt revelation, SZA mesmerized the crowd with a poignant rendition of "Nobody Gets Me," a track featured on her highly acclaimed second studio album, "SOS." The artist has previously disclosed that this particular composition chronicles her past engagement and the difficulties that ultimately led to its dissolution.

In an interview with HOT 97, SZA elaborated on the song's narrative, stating, "This particular song in entirety is a story about my ex-fiance and how we went through all these arguments, and we broke up. And when we first broke up, it was like terrible, and I just felt like I was gonna be doomed to be in hell for the rest of my life because nobody understood me the way he did, and nobody motivated me the way he did."

She continued, providing further insight into the emotional weight behind the lyrics, "And he was just, you know, this rock in my life that just no longer exists. And it's just, like, it was insane. The stories that I tell in that song about our arguments, our specific arguments, like that's kinda the-. That's the theme on that."

SZA, born Solána Imani Rowe, concluded her explanation, saying, "I feel like a lot of people don't understand me but it's okay."

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