Alabama Woman Recovering from Intentional Fire Attack; Husband Faces Serious Charges

Credit: GoFundMe

An Alabama lady is getting better from serious burns all over her body after police say her husband intentionally set her on fire while she was sleeping last week.

Riley Willis III is in custody and faces serious charges for hurting his wife and causing a fire, according to the Decatur Police Department in Alabama.

Anna Willis, his wife, was put into a sleep that doctors controlled with medicine for four days. She is being taken care of by doctors at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Her family created a GoFundMe page to help her.

Her kids, Courtney and Cameron, are with her, trying to understand a terrible thing that happened, said her sister Christy Mitchell on the GoFundMe page.

Emergency medics arrived at the Willis family's apartment at around 3:30 in the morning on August 8 after a call for help.

Anna was taken to the UAB Hospital where she was treated for serious burns on over half of her body, according to her family.

Anna's son Cameron, 21, saved her life. He took off his shirt and tried to put out the fire that was on his mom.

Anna lost her things in a fire that happened after the attack, said her sister.

Courtney, Anna's daughter, said she hopes her dad stays in jail for trying to hurt her mom.

It's not clear if Willis has said whether he's guilty or not, or if he has a lawyer.

Anna is slowly getting better, but there's still a risk of infection. She needs a tube to eat and is taking medicine to help with anxiety and pain. Her sister is asking for prayers for her recovery.

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