Britney Spears' Sons Choose not to See Her Before Hawaii Move, Raises Questions about Child Support

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears' sons will not be seeing her before their upcoming relocation to Hawaii. Days before their departure from California with their father, Kevin Federline, and his wife Victoria Prince, Jayden James and Sean Preston have reportedly decided against meeting their mother.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation, as reported by TMZ, revealed that Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17, have firmly made up their minds to forgo seeing their 41-year-old mother before their move to the Aloha State. This decision comes despite not having seen their mother for over a year.

Regarding their accommodation in Hawaii, the sources disclosed that Kevin and Victoria are presently renting a property while they search for a permanent residence. The 45-year-old disc jockey expressed satisfaction with Britney's sound choice in allowing her sons to relocate to Hawaii without contesting the matter in court.

Although Jayden and Sean allegedly declined the opportunity to meet Britney before the relocation, their father Kevin purportedly encouraged them to do so. As reported by TMZ in July, Kevin made it clear that he would not compel his two sons to visit their mother, instead, respecting their autonomy in making their own decision.

Jayden and Sean will be joining Kevin and Victoria in Hawaii, as Victoria has reportedly received an employment offer from a local university. However, speculation among Britney's fans suggests that Kevin's move may be an attempt to prolong child support payments.

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