Controversial Kick Streamer N3on Subjected to Alleged Assault and Harassment by Masked Assailants, Video Surfaces Online

Credit: N3on/Twitter

The controversial Kick streamer, Rangesh Mutama, widely known as "N3on" or "Neon," found himself at the center of intense discussion following an alleged incident of assault and harassment perpetrated by a group of unidentified individuals in a public location.

The disturbing incident was captured in a video that surfaced online, showing three masked assailants forcibly taking away his belongings, including his shoes, phone, and glasses, while also tearing his shirt in the process.

However, questions surrounding the authenticity of the video emerged since it was posted on N3on's own Twitter account (@N3onOnYT), leading to speculations about its genuineness. Some have raised concerns that the video might have been staged by the streamer himself, while others suggest the possibility that the assailants might have released the footage.

N3on's history with controversy has only intensified worries about his well-being, especially in light of this recent video shared on his social media. The disturbing footage depicts the masked individuals pulling his hair and forcibly snatching his glasses, hinting at potential harassment or assault.

The video didn't stay confined to N3on's account, as it quickly spread to other prominent social media profiles, eliciting significant reactions from the online community.

Kick streamers have gained notoriety for frequently making controversial remarks with minimal repercussions, and N3on is undoubtedly among those who have found themselves embroiled in such controversies before.

The incident has added fuel to the ongoing discussions about the conduct and accountability of streamers in the digital space. As the situation unfolds, the public remains keenly interested in learning more about the true nature of the events and their implications for the gaming community.

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