Dwayne Johnson's Heartwarming Gift: UFC Fighter Receives New Home Amid Financial Struggles

Credit: Therock/Instagram

Dwayne Johnson showed his big heart by giving a new house to a UFC fighter who was struggling to buy one for his family. Johnson shared a video on his Instagram where the fighter, Themba Gorimbo, was surprised with the new home in Miami.

Gorimbo, a young UFC fighter, was having money problems and couldn't afford a house for his family from Zimbabwe. He even had just $7 in his bank account after a UFC match in May.

Dwayne Johnson surprised Gorimbo by taking him to a house and showing him a picture frame with a photo of Gorimbo and his family. Johnson said it's his new home and gave him the key.

Gorimbo was so happy and emotional that he fell to his knees, thanking Johnson. Johnson encouraged Gorimbo to focus on his family, training, and becoming a champion.

This kind act came from Johnson's own experiences and understanding of Gorimbo's struggles.

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