Gal Gadot Confirms 'Wonder Woman 3' Under James Gunn and Peter Safran Despite Previous Franchise Setbacks

Credit: Gal Gadot/Instagram

The "Wonder Woman" franchise shows signs of life, as Gal Gadot has hinted at a new installment in the female superhero movie series. Despite concerns arising from Patty Jenkins' departure from the franchise, Gadot revealed during an interview with's Chris Killian for her new Netflix movie "Heart of Stone" that "Wonder Woman 3" is in the works, under the guidance of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Gadot expressed her love for portraying Wonder Woman and her involvement in the film's development alongside Gunn and Safran. She mentioned that "Wonder Woman 3" holds a special place in her heart and that she's excited to work on it.

During the interview, Gadot was asked about the new Superman movie directed by Gunn. Although she was unaware of the actors who landed the roles in "Superman: Legacy," she acknowledged the ongoing screen tests and praised the talent involved.

The future of the "Wonder Woman" franchise was uncertain after Jenkins' exit in 2022, with reports of clashes with Gunn and Safran, who are working on reshaping the DC landscape. However, Jenkins refuted these claims in a note, stating that she never walked away from the project and was open to any consideration. She understood the difficulties faced by DC due to ongoing changes.

Gunn responded to Jenkins' note by affirming that all interactions between him, Peter Safran, and Jenkins were professional and pleasant.

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