Georgia Teacher Fired for Reading Gender Norms Book to Fifth-Grade Class

Credit: Southern Poverty Law Center/YouTube

A teacher in Georgia lost her job for reading, "My Shadow is Purple," a book about how boys and girls can be different to her fifth-grade students.

The school board voted 4-3 to fire Katie Rinderle after a parent complained. The school principal, Chris Ragsdale, said she should be fired because of the complaint, PEOPLE reported.

Katie Rinderle was upset about being fired. She said the school was wrong for firing her for reading a book that talks about different types of students.

She thinks the school is telling students that not everyone is accepted for being themselves. She also said that the school's rules are not clear, so teachers might be scared to talk about certain things.

A lawyer named Craig Goodmark also spoke up. He said there was no good reason to fire Rinderle. He thinks it's unfair to fire her based on a law that isn't clear.

The lawyer believes that teachers like Rinderle don't know what they can talk about when it comes to certain topics.

Last year, the Georgia government allowed parents to complain about what's in their children's school books. This is why the parent complained about the book that Rinderle read.

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