Video of Popular Rapper Kodak Black Being Wheeled Into ER On Stretcher Goes Viral

Credit: Kodak Black/Instagram

Kodak Black's health condition has stirred concerns among his fanbase. Numerous individuals on social media have extended their well-wishes to the rapper known for the track "ZEZE," following the circulation of a video depicting his arrival at Broward Health Hospital in Florida's emergency room.

Within the footage, shared by a TikTok user on the evening of Thursday, August 3, the 26-year-old musician was observed reclining on a stretcher, using one arm to shield his eyes from view. As he was conveyed through the entrance, he elevated one of his legs, passing by a group of nearly twelve individuals.

Superimposed on the video, the user inscribed the message, "Y'all Pray for Yak." Accompanying the caption were various hashtags, including "#OD #KodakBlack #Prayers #Fyp #BrowardHealth."

Numerous individuals expressed curiosity about the rapper's well-being. One inquiry read, "WTF going on with Kodak Black?" Another tweet implored, "Has anyone received updates concerning #KodakBlack? Can anyone confirm his condition?" A third individual conveyed, "Kodak Black, you are in my thoughts and prayers." Subsequently, an additional comment emerged, "I hope Kodak Black is good, man.. He's been going through it lately."

This development unfolded over a month following Kodak's brief detention in a Florida correctional facility for noncompliance with a mandatory drug assessment. Following the issuance of an arrest warrant earlier that month, he surrendered to the authorities.

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